Company Background

At PROLAS, we go beyond landscaping to build relationships and enjoy making people & plants happy! From the family in their backyard relaxing under a well-groomed tree, surrounded by flowers and fountains, to the well-manicured, lush lawns and gardens of the biggest corporate settings, we do it all!

With thirty years in the business, we have the experience, expertise and equipment to do any job. So picture you are surrounded by nature's beauty, inhaling the fresh air, and enjoying the birds singing in the trees. At PROLAS, we'll make your greens come true.

Our Mission

The PROLAS mission is to offer Landscaping and Outdoor Living solutions through:

  • Integrity and Knowledge
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Safety and Sustainability
  • Fair and Competitive Pricing

And in partnership with all stakeholders, to improve the quality of life for all.

Our Vision

To become a leading provider of innovative and sustainable Landscaping and Outdoor Living solutions, Nationally and Internationally.


PROLAS aims to combine utility, art, design, nature, and sustainability in each and every project it creates. This is achieved through quality materials, creative vision and an intense passion to partner with clients to meet a need and also educate the public as to the possibilities of eco-friendly designs and garden management.

Safety Statement

PROLAS is committed to fostering a safe working environment for all stakeholders as we strive to improve the quality of life for all. We will remain compliant with all legalities as required by OSHA, ensuring that our safety policies, procedures and practices are adhered to.

Quality assurance Policy

To enhance the Quality of Life by continuously improving every facet of our organizational systems, processes and culture to fulfill and exceed customer expectations.

Our Commitment

  • To the training and development of our employees
  • To our clients
  • To the care and sustainability of our environment
  • To a safe work environment
  • To our laws
  • To fellow professionals and organizations
  • To improving the quality of life for all
  • To “making greens come true”
  • To the people-plant relationship

making greens come true since 1990